Buyback FAQ

Have questions? Maybe these answers will help.

General Information

Q. What is the Business Device Trade-in Program?

A: This program enables business customers like you to trade in your organization’s devices to help offset the cost and fund the purchase of new Windows 10 devices.

Q. Who operates this program?

A: This program is operated by Clover Wireless, LTD (Clover Wireless) on behalf of Microsoft.

Q. When is the program available?

A: This program will start October 1, 2015.

Q. Who should I contact with questions?

A: The best place to start is with your Microsoft Devices or Partner Sales Rep (Rep). However, if you already have a relationship established with Clover Wireless, you can email them at

How it Works

Q. What are the steps for my company?

  1. Request a quote from your Microsoft Devices or Partner Sales Rep (Rep). Alternatively, you can reach out to the quote team directly at Clover Wireless:
  2. Accept the quote within 30 days (quotes may be revised after 30 days based on current market conditions).
  3. Clover Wireless will provide pre-paid shipping labels and you can use your preferred shipping provider. Pick-ups can be arranged for larger orders on an as-needed basis. Devices need to be returned within 30 days of the Clover Wireless quote date.
  4. Clover Wireless confirms receipt and trade-up value.
  5. Your data is securely removed and devices are either refurbished and resold, or recycled, depending on their condition1.
  6. Based on your preference, your Rep will work with you to get direct payment sent via check from Clover Wireless or a credit for your new Windows 10 device purchase.

Q. What information is needed on a quote request?

A: You’ll need the make and model of each device you want to trade in, along with the quantity.

Q. Does Clover Wireless manage the sale of new devices to our company?

A: No, Clover Wireless will only manage the buy-back portion of the transaction. You will continue to work with your Rep for the purchase of new Surface devices, Windows Tablets, PC's and Windows Phones.

Q. What if I was already working with Clover Wireless directly?

A: While you can continue working directly with Clover Wireless to process your trade in, we have seen greater success when companies work directly with their Rep from the start.

Q. Do we have to send our devices in or will Clover Wireless pick them up at a specified location?

A: Clover Wireless will handle all the logistics (see Customer eligibility). Clover Wireless will provide shipping labels for you to conveniently send in old devices for free, as well as arrange pick-up for larger orders that require a palletized delivery.

Q. Who pays for the logistics — my company or Clover Wireless?

A: Clover Wireless pays for all logistics for the Business Device Trade-in Program.

Q. Can we use the program if we finance the whole purchase of new Surface devices?

A: Yes, in that case Clover Wireless will pay the trade-in value directly to your company via check.

Q. What is the typical turnaround time for this program?

A: Payment is made within 15 days after devices have completed inspection.

Q. In which currency will the payment be done?

A: All transactions are made in your company’s local currency.

Q. When and how does my company receive portal access?

A: After a quote is initiated, Clover Wireless (upon request) will provide log in access and credentials via email. 

Q. Are there local warehouses?

A: All Microsoft devices are shipped to Calexico, CA and Clover Technologies Canada, ULC. Note: Devices in Europe will be directed to Clover Wireless’ nearest European facility.

Q. How can the program support global customers with a presence throughout the world?

A: Clover Wireless has locations worldwide, which will be able to organize secure logistics and shipment to the most convenient facility2.

Q. Will Clover Wireless also do cross-border collections (e.g. devices in different customer countries)?

A: Yes, Clover Wireless is well equipped to handle cross-border collections.

Customer eligibility

Q. Is there a minimum number of trade-in devices?

A: No, a quote can be provided for one device or many.

Q. What devices do you accept for trade in?

A: Presently, the program will accept trade ins of any laptops, tablets3, or phones no matter the operating system – not just Windows devices. However, product lists and prices may change on a regular basis, based on market demand.

Q. Are there any minimum conditions for trade-in devices?

A: Yes. Devices must have battery and battery cover, power on and take a charge, have an intact and fully functioning screen, and be free from water damage. Non-working devices can be sent for secure, compliant recycling, but will not be eligible to receive trade-in credits.

Q. Do we need to include accessories for trade-in devices?

A: No. We don’t require the charger and/or accessories for the device to qualify for the quoted refund, but you may send them in for proper recycling.

Q. Do we need to provide proof of purchase for new devices before a trade-in check is issued?

A: No, proof of purchase is not required.

Q. Can we do bulk returns over a period of 3 months?

A: Yes, bulk returns are possible. Our partner, Clover Wireless would need to ensure that the quote reflects the likely decline of value of the devices over that period.

Data security, device refurbishing, and recycling

Q. What happens to devices once they are traded in?

A: After securely removing any data, devices deemed usable are reconditioned and resold, diverting them from the waste stream. Devices deemed unusable are destroyed and disposed of in responsible ways. All batteries removed from the wireless devices are recycled in EPA and R2 certified facilities.

Q. Do you wipe the data on the devices?

A: Yes, the data-wiping tools that Clover Wireless uses have been researched and selected to ensure all data is removed. This is underwritten by the global cyber insurance policy. Data wipe certificate available upon request.

Q. Will the data cleaning result in some type of “certificate of data destruction” or “data wipe” on the device?

A: At your request, Clover Wireless can provide certificates of data wipe by device and IMEI number.

Q. Can we track the device status and data cleansing results?

A: Yes, this is all managed through the Devices Trade-in Program portal. The entire process is managed by device IMEI number from collection through to statement.

1. Supplier shall wipe each accepted device of personal data and Supplier shall provide a report of this process, including device make, model, ESN, and data wipe disposition. The report will include the data wipe certificate. The Supplier must publish and maintain an environmental compliance statement concerning its refurbishment or recycling procedures on its website. The Supplier shall obtain any required local government approvals at its own expense. For Used Devices that do NOT meet the Used Device Performance Criteria, the Supplier shall dispose of such Used Devices in an environmentally proper manner using ISO 14001 and R2 Certified waste processes that meet compliance requirements with all applicable Federal, State, Local laws and rules of the country in which the Supplier is receiving such Used Device.

2. Surface devices are available in select countries, please check for a current list..

3. . Laptops and tablets must contain their hard drives or SSD (solid state drives)..